Tuesday, 22 February 2011

De Groene Kathedraal is transformed to its original source of inspiration. This cathedral symbolises the desire to ascend towards divinity, leaving earthly matters behind like a modern day Icarus. In the same way that the artist longs to remove himself from tradition.

Antony Gormley
it is for the first time in Flevoland's Land Art tradition that a figurative scupture comments on the polder landscape without making use of elements from nature. Also, this work is uniquely located sitting on the interface between land and water in an urban setting.

One of the greatest Spanish mystics and poets, Juan de la Cruz (1542 - 1591) inspired Libeskind for his work in Almere with his poem The living flame of love. In Polderland Garden of Love and Fire the lines interconnect people in different places and times. The three canals symbolize the imaginary connection between three cities: Salamanca, the city where Juan de la Cruz studied, Berlin, where Libeskind lived and worked at the time, and Almere, the place where the artwork is located.

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