Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mary Miss has reshaped the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, landscape design, and installation art by articulating a vision of the public sphere where it is possible for an artist to address the issues of our time. She has developed the “City as Living Lab”, a framework for making issues of sustainability tangible through collaboration and the arts.

City as Living Laboratory: Sustainability Made Tangible Through the Arts is a new initiative developed by artist Mary Miss and Marda Kirn of Eco Arts Connections for making issues of sustainability compelling to the public. In thinking of the city as a laboratory, a collaborative process is envisioned amongst planners, scientists, artists and designers where a city's sustainability plans become tangible to its citizens.

Broadway: 1000 Steps is an implementation of the City as Living Laboratory framework. This project imagines establishing Broadway as the new “green” face of New York City, announcing in an immediate way to citizens and visitors alike that the city is in the process of re-envisioning itself through PlaNYC as a sustainable place for living, working, and entertainment.

The first phase of this effort is the selection of hubs of infrastructure, institutions, and subject matter along Broadway.Seeding these hubs with installations, projects and events will set an example that can extend to other streets and spaces throughout the city over time. The work will occur in multiple layers and will be undertaken in collaboration with scientists and city agencies.

A walkway overhanging the edge of the pond makes it possible to move out over the water. Proceeding around the water’s edge a ramp disappears into the water after getting the visitor down to the level of the pond.
A large leaf shaped space is outlined by these structures affirming and making palpable the connection between the land and water.

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